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Can DevOptics combine and visualize data coming from multiple Jenkins instances?



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    Stephen Connolly

    Visualizing the overall development process is one of the aims of the value stream functionality.

    As of Sep 2018 functionality, we do not have a mechanism to declare jobs as being duplicates, so the answer to your question depends on how the teams are using their Jenkins instances.

    • If all three teams are working out of the same Git repository and essentially have duplicate jobs on each master, then SCM triggers will cause all three instances to run the same (or essentially the same) job with every commit/PR... in such a case, you are essentially doing three builds where one would do and you could just pick one Jenkins as the canonical build for that repository.
    • If all three teams are working out of different Git repositories, then the jobs are "independent" from a source control perspective.

    The value stream functionality allows you to construct a stream of jobs across masters and track the value (i.e. JIRA tickets) as they move through the flow, getting picked up by:

    • commits to source control that reference the JIRA ticket
    • reuse of (Jenkins fingerprinted) artifacts produced by upstream jobs (works across masters)

    I suspect you have multiple Git repositories that contribute to the single project and that each team has a Jenkins instance that is dedicated to their Git repository. If that is the case then likely our current Value Streams functionality (not part of the free tier) may map well against your use cases. You should contact your CloudBees representative to schedule a demo of the Value Stream functionality with a view to a trial to see if our current functionality maps your current needs. 

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