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DevOptics Pulse vs. Elasticsearch Reporter



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  • Alexander Tacho

    Hi Allan,

    DevOptics provides metrics and analysis of your CD platform with metrics that are surfaced out of the box that have relevance to the performance of your CD platform for your product teams.

    It gives you a set of metrics that help you see the impact of your infrastructure capacity and utilization in order to improve feedback cycles for your product teams.

    Elasticsearch Reporter is a do-it-yourself reporting solution. You can create any report possible with the data you get from Jenkins. But you have to manage the solution yourself, i.e. elasticsearch, storage and Kibana.

    Additionally you have to figure out what metrics are relevant to you, how to best surface and instrument them. 

    DevOptics provides you with these metrics that we see are most impactful and helps you understand where to optimize your software delivery system.


    > * And if for example I already have ELK set up with Elasticsearch Reporter, would DevOptics makes this redundant ?

    That depends on the questions you are answering right now with Elasticsearch Reporter.

    DevOptics focus is and will be on the overall software delivery performance in the form of value streams and ability to identify areas of where to improve performance of these value streams. One part of that is the underlying CD platform. The question DevOptics is answering are around inefficiencies and bottlenecks of your Jenkins masters and how it relates to developer productivity.




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