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What folders and files the Devoptic plugin create in the masters?




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    Stephen Connolly

    The authentication used to key the association between the Jenkins instance and the CloudBees DevOptics service is stored (encrypted) in the file:


    The Run Insights functionality stores a cache of the formulae used to calculate the base metrics in


    In the event that the Jenkins master is unable to connect to the CloudBees DevOptics service, a number of caches of data are created and will get forwarded on to CloudBees once the issue has been resolved. 

    In the case of Run Insights, these will be the


    files (where ____ is the name of the specific collection schedule that the metrics are for). 

    In the case of Value Streams, these will be the



    Finally, the periodic tasks performed by the DevOptics plugin send their logs to


    (or on earlier versions of Jenkins these will be in $JENKINS_HOME/logs/cloudbees-___.log)

    These log files are automatically and periodically rolled over and a fixed number will be retained.

  • Javier Raez Rus

    Thanks Stephen. This is exactly what I was looking for.



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