Is there any way to filter the data coming from one or various masters?

Hi Team,

I have a couple of questions that I'm sure that you will be able to answer easily. 

DevOptics acts as an aggregator for the data along the organisation, this way we have a lot of data available at a glance.

Is it possible to access data for a subset of connected masters? If so, how could we do that?

What would happen to my DevOptics graph if I disconnect one of my masters? Would they keep showing the data that was sent prior to the master disconnection?



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    Stephen Connolly Official comment

    The current (Sep 2018) feature set does not provide a mechanism for accessing a subset of connected masters. There is an open RFE on this exact feature and we are currently exploring the use cases that require the enhancement and how best to expose the feature in order to provide a meaningful user experience.

    With respect to disconnecting a master:

    • the top 4 gauges report the aggregation of the most recent for each connected master's "as-live" metrics that have been received in the past 2 minutes. Each master sends the "as-live" metrics every once every 15 seconds, so once a master is disconnected for more than 2 minutes, the gauges at the top will no longer be including that master.
    • the remaining report tabs and graphs show the aggregations across all masters that were connected for the currently selected time period. Once your master has not sent any data within the selected time period then it will be excluded from the report. 
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    Manuel Cardenas

    Thank you for your detailed response Stephen.

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