Alert on cluster operation failure

Is there a way to have a scheduled cluster operation (managed master backup) alert on failure?  I don't see the option when setting up the cluster operation and I had my backup job failing for a week or so because my AWS keys expired.  I probably should have been checking my backups but I'd like a way to alert when it fails in the event that I don't check.


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    Owen Mehegan Official comment

    Hi Donald -

    Because Cluster Operations are a special type of job, they don't have the usual options for "post-build" steps, where in other job types you could send an email on failure. My suggestion would be that you create a Freestyle job which in turn triggers the backup job, have it wait for the backup job's completion, and then in a post-build step, email on failure. Does that seem workable?

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    Donald Kallman

    Yeah that's good for a workaround.  I wish I could send CJOC data to splunk, I would just set up alerting there like I do for everything else.

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    Owen Mehegan

    I have created an RFE about improving the ability to monitor the status of Cluster Operation jobs. Thanks for your input on this!

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