Should I purchase static public IP address to run DevOptics?

I want to try, test CloudBees DevOptics on my local http://jenkins:8000 instance. It is connected to internet, but does not have static public IP address. Is it possible to run DevOptics on this host?

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    Stephen Connolly Official comment

    There is no requirement to obtain a public IP address. The requirements for DevOptics can be broken into two parts:

    1. The Jenkins instance must be able to establish a TLS connection to devoptics.cloudbees.com on port 443 (this connection can be through a HTTP proxy as long as it supports TLS passthrough)
    2. The Jenkins instance must have an URL that is routable from at least your internal network. The URL also cannot be http://localhost as Jenkins treats this hostname as a marker for "URL not configured" 

    Thus, if you configure your Jenkins instance with:

    • a static LAN IP address
    • an internal hostname resolving to either a static or dynamic IP address

    then you can use DevOptics.

    DevOptics will never try to connect to your Jenkins. Your Jenkins is responsible for sending data to DevOptics.

    The valid URL is primarily required during the association stage in order to enable you to ensure that you are connecting the master you think you are connecting. The URL is secondarily required to provide links to your master from DevOptics... but as those links will only ever be clicked by your organization internal people (hopefully on your organization network) - as long as the URL is one that they can resolve - the links will work for them.

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