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Jenkins Build Pipeline View



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    Ryan Campbell

    Hi Vipin,

    I'm not sure there's a plugin which provides this. I know that Blue Ocean provides a view of a single Pipeline plugin. 

    If you are looking for visualization across pipelines, perhaps you should take a look at CloudBees DevOptics which is aimed primarily at this use-case. 

  • Vipin Ev

    Dear Ryan,

    Thank you so much, Really appreciate that!

    Before winding up the discussion,just to highlight one thing, after a lots of wild searches in Google, have found something interesting called Delivery Pipeline plugin which is essentially introduced to consolidate the build pipeline stages as a single view at least I believe, please correct me if I am wrong. So it gives a similar flexibility like Build Pipeline plugin to configure dependant projects as pipelines (Using Post/Pre-build action) and also gives an additional feature to configure multiple initial projects which will become multiple delivery pipeline view of dependant projects. 

    1. A -> B -> C

    2. X -> Y -> Z

    1 is a dependant project pipeline view (A,B and C are projects having dependency) where initial project is A. Similarly 2 where X is the initial triggering project for that pipeline.

    Hope its clear now, I think I confused you somewhere in the question, right Ryan?

  • Ryan Campbell

    Yes, thanks for the followup,  Vipin. Glad you found a way to address this use-case.


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