Getting "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The supplied credentials are invalid to login" during githubNotify

During githubNotify I am facing the below error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The supplied credentials are invalid to login

Currently the version of pipeline-githubnotify-step plugin being used is 1.0.4

There is an ongoing ticket raised for the same issue "https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-51021"

Wanted to know if there is there any solution for the fix available?

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    Owen Mehegan

    Based on the comments in the Jira issue, this bug is not present in version 1.0.1 of the plugin. As a workaround, you could try installing that. To do this, you would need to:

    1. Download version 1.0.1 from http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org/plugins/pipeline-githubnotify-step/
    2. Uninstall the existing version of the plugin and restart Jenkins
    3. Install version 1.0.1 by uploading the file you downloaded, in the Advanced tab of the Jenkins plugin manager
    4. Restart Jenkins again

    Other than that, it looks like the plugin maintainer is hoping to release a fix soon, and you should monitor that Jira issue for an update.

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