How do I add link to deployed application in Blueocean UI?

I am building all projects of our Bitbucket team with Jenkins + Blueocean + Bitbucket Branch Source plugin. 

Most of our projects Jenkinsfile-based builds deploy application into our dev environment, like https://example.com/hello-jenkins-project/latest/ for review.

Is it possible to provide a clickable link from the Pipeline list or from the Pipeline page, so that you can quickly click it to review the lastest build result? Something along the lines of Sidebar-Link Plugin (which to my understanding would not work with Blueocean UI).

In our case this link is not changed between the builds (as we deploy the latest). But maybe there's a way to add a link to build results/artifacts? Like https://example.com/hello-jenkins-project/build-20180414-a3cb/



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