Training Lab document - copy and paste issue PDF documents

I'm using Windows as my Operating System doing my exercises.

While doing the Lab exercises I used 'copy and paste' from the PDF document into my other screens to avoid typo's and because I'm lazy :)

I pumped into a problem in situations that a hyphen character '-' is positioned at the end of a line, During the copy-paste action Windows thinks that the words before and after the hyphen  should be combined. As a result, it messes up the whole command and you can spend wasted time looking for the error in the training document while there is none.

For example (page 16 - Lab 1):

cloudbees-devbox $ docker run -d --name demoapp-1 -p 30000:8080 demo-app:1.0.0

will result in the following during the copy-paste

cloudbees-devbox $ docker run -d --name demoapp-1 -p 30000:8080 demoapp:1.0.0 


I just post this to warn all you guys/girls doing this training and maybe it's good to know Windows has this automatic correction function which is not helpfull in some situations.

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    Damien Duportal Official comment


    this is a general good practise, even on macOS and Linux, to copy and paste on a local text editor, check the text, before copy and pasting again to the Terminal or Web Browser.

    Thanks to your mention, we will add this tip on upcoming Training release to avoid this kind of struggles, and improve the user experience.


    Damien DUPORTAL, Training Engineer @ CloudBees

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