Introducing the CloudBees DevOptics Visual Editor

Hi Community folks,

I am one of the Product Managers for CloudBees DevOptics. Early this year we went GA with the product. DevOptics helps you get insights into your Continuous Delivery process by allowing you to define Value Streams. It works with both CloudBees Jenkins offerings (CJE/CJP) as well as Jenkins. 

Our latest addition to this product is a Visual Editor to help you quickly define your Value Streams. Checkout the latest blog I wrote around this. - https://www.cloudbees.com/blogs/karan-malhi

If you want to understand Value Streams, checkout the blog written by Ben Williams, which you can find here - https://www.cloudbees.com/blogs/ben-williams

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to take DevOptics for a spin to help you visualize and measure your Value Streams. 

Karan Malhi

Product Manager - DevOptics


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