Unable to initialize remote webdriver with Latest update on Cloudbees Jenkins

Hi Everyone,
Greetings for the day...!
All our jobs got failed on last week execution via Cloudbees Jenkins and observed Web Driver initialization issues . We tried all updated browser and the combination of hub and node versions but failed to resolve the issue. While we execute the same code on grid machine via Selenium its working fine.
As we analyzed further on this issue, we have seen some new version of Jenkins taken place in the market and if that auto update was happen, then we need to update few supported plugins in order to work all the Jenkins functionality. we did all this setup but still seeing same issue.
Please let me know what could be the reason?
Rizwan Saheb


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    Ryan Campbell

    Rizwan, perhaps if you provided the error you are seeing we could help you more. Based on the information you've provided, there isn't much to go on.

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