(pending—No valid security token.)

Hi all,


I have recently set up a new linux master which talks to a linux slave via SSH (using shared keys)

Everytime I trigger a build I get this message,

(pending—No valid security token.)

I can't see any other messages in the logs of any help.

The only think I can think of that is special about the slave is that it already has a jenkins.war running from another master. However, I tried killing jenkins.war to rule this out and it made no difference.


Any help on how better to diagnose what is happening would be greatly appreciated.




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    Denys Digtiar

    Hi David,

    Based on my investigation. It looks like the message is coming from the Controlled Agents feature of the CloudBees Folders Plus plugin. 

    Please review the documentation for any clues:

    Folders Plus plugin / Controlled slaves

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    David Mullin

    Hi Denys,

    You have nailed it. Thanks for this.

    My fault for blindly copying another masters config without understanding the ramifications. I had dived down the wrong warren hole when investigating this one - I should have come back up for air  :-)



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