Not able to view users of an external group in cloudbees jenkins


We are testing the rolling release of cloudbees Jenkins ( We have integrated jenkins with crowd and using the crowd local groups in jenkins. When I try to view the users of external group(which exists in crowd), jenkins doesn't show any members listed. Am I missing some configuration?





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    Ryan Campbell

    I'm not aware of 1.28-1.7-rolling, did you mean something else?

    What page are you looking at when you try to  view this? Are you using the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Authorization Strategy?

    We have this feature planned, but only for LDAP backends at this point.



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    Sumanjit Brar

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your reply. The Jenkins release I am referring to is here: https://release-notes.cloudbees.com/product/1 

    Also, As you said you are not aware of this not sure If we are good to use a rolling release for production environment os it has to be a fixed release.

    Yes we are using RBAC Authorization Strategy. I am viewing from Jenkins UI. When I click on Groups it shows all the available groups for a particular project including the external ones. Clicking on any of the external group doesn't shows the corresponding users that belong to that group.



    Suman Brar


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