Adding a new slave in CJE

We have CJE setup of 12 slave VMs. How can we make use these slaves for job execution. Do i need to add these slaves manually?

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    Carlos Rodriguez Lopez

     Hi Chethan N,

    I'm going to split this answer into 2 blocks ("A" and "B" sections)

    A.- Create an Agent (formerly known as Slave)

    A.a. - Attaching external agents from the CJE cluster

    It seems your case, as I have understood that those Agents are VMs out of the CJE cluster. To accomplish it you could:

    A.b.- Creating them within the CJE cluster (same VPN) - recommended.

    It is worth to tell you that Agents can be managed within CJE, which makes your instance better in terms of performance and resiliency. Jenkins Build Agents are created on demand as required by Jenkins jobs run on the Masters. 

    Additional worker capacity enables CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to run more jobs in parallel, improving the performance of the cluster. Adding workers also increases cluster resiliency, because spare workers are available in the event of a worker outage. 

    For it, create an item type Docker Agent Template. See https://go.cloudbees.com/docs/cloudbees-documentation/admin-cje/cd-as-a-service/#building

    B.- Assuming you would like to make use of particular (a) agent/s for certain job/s...

    Having explained how to create agents in CJE, following I am explaining how to make use of them for job execution.  

    Firstly, at the Agent Level, just make uses of the label concept. More info on Distributed Build - Labels 

    Then, at the Job Level:

    • Freestyle jobs by enabling Restrict where this project can be run
    • Pipeline jobs -recommended- by calling the agent by the proper clause (directive or step), distinguishing between Declarative Pipeline (agent) - recommended- vs Scripted Pipeline (node). It is worth to remind at this point that Do: All material work within a node is one of the Top 10 Best Practices for Jenkins Pipeline Plugin: https://www.cloudbees.com/blog/top-10-best-practices-jenkins-pipeline-plugin

    In the case you have any further issues/questions about this topic please open a ticket in our Support Platform. We are eager to help you.



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