Jenkins HA / multi-dc

We are looking at a multi-dc aware jenkins installation ( active / passive ) and I have a few quick questions:

It looks like the ha solution is based on jgroups. Are there any concerns with having the 2 masters between different datacenters connected via a WAN?

Is there some other type of deployment model we could/should look at instead of the standard / jgroups stuff?

Is there a more detailed doc on supported HA implementations? We are mostly/mainly concerned with an active / standby setup. We would want the remote / offline dc to be unable to execute jobs ( not even queue them )

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    James Brown

    Hi Bill, 

    That implementation model is actually a legacy one.

    CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) (https://www.cloudbees.com/products/cloudbees-jenkins-enterprise) provides resiliency leveraging cloud native technologies that comprise the overall solution. If a DC goes offline CJE would know this and spin up the resources in use in the other DC. 

    These can be deployed in the Cloud, On-premise, or as a Hybrid solution. 

    An Engineer can speak further with you about this if you want to provide your information with the following webform;


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