Cloudbees jenkins Ant plugin



I'm currently using CloudBees Jenkins 2.7.19 trail version, and I'm unable to locate the Ant plugin in the available plugins.

Could you please help me on this issue.




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    James Brown

    Hi Manne, 

    Firstly, I'd encourage you to use the latest release of the CloudBees distribution. 

    The reason you're unable to see the Ant plugin is likely due to a dependency it has for a plugin that is not compatible with the list of plugins made available with the 2.7.19 release. 

    Using the latest release is one way to potentially resolve this. Alternatively, you can disable Beekeeper (Manage Jenkins > Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant) and you will find the Ant plugin available. The latter shouldn't be used typically and is reserved for cases such as this. It is also encouraged after disabling Beekeeper and installing a plugin you then re-enable Beekeeper. 

    You can read more about CloudBees Assurance Program (and Beekeeper) here;


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    Manne Sidhu

    could you please me with the installation steps for mac OSX for this version.

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