Converting jenkins job to pipeline

I've a jenkins job which uses clearcase as SCM . Does pipeline support Clearcase as SCM ? If so, could you please let me know the sample steps that I have to use in Jenkinsfile to use clearcase as SCM

From the below link only supported SCM's are listed 


Supported SCMs

  • GitSCM (git): supported as of 2.3; native git step also bundled

  • SubversionSCM (subversion): supported as of the Subversion Plugin’s v 2.5; native svn step also bundled

  • MercurialSCM (mercurial): supported as of 1.51

  • PerforceScm (p4, not the older perforce): supported as of 1.2.0


Could you please shed some light on this please ?




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    Parker Ennis

    Hi Mano,

    Thanks for reaching out! At this time, I do not see pipeline support for the ClearCase plugin. ClearCase SCM is supported solely through plugins and not out of the box. There a JIRA open regarding this which might have additional helpful information: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-32551. 



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