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Pipeline editor options missing after latest plugin upgrades



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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Brent,

    At the moment you can only edit Pipelines that have been created through the "New Pipeline" flow.

    However, we are going to restore a general link to access the editor as part of our "Pipeline Playgrounds" work. You can follow progress by logging in to Jenkins JIRA and watching JENKINS-43118.


    James Dumay

  • Brent Laster

    Thanks James.  I appreciate the follow up.   I figured there was just something odd with my setup.  Looking forward to the Pipeline Playgrounds resolution.

  • Brent Laster

    Interesting, I created a pipeline through the New Pipeline flow based on a project with a Jenkinsfile in a local Git repository.  I can see the pipeline in the list but I still don't see any edit option or icon.  Is there something else I might have setup wrong?

  • Permanently deleted user

    We don't have it working with plain Git just yet - only Github. You can follow our progress on plain Git support here.


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