Any chance of getting some attention to JENKINS-42428 soon?  I'm teaching an online training on Jenkins 2 for over 100 participants next week and hate to have to tell them to keep ignoring all of these messages in the logs. Thanks.

Cannot contact <node>: java.io.IOException: Remote call on Channel to /XX.XX.XX.XXX failed


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    Oleg Nenashev

    Hello, the issue has been submitted to the "swarm-plugin" and got an automatic assignment. So it has not been triaged by people reviewing the Pipeline regressions.

    I have updated the issue metadata, so it will be eventually processed now. If you are a CloudBees customer, please raise a ZenDesk ticket for it. Then the issue will be reviewed within several days according to the CloudBees SLAs.

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    Brent Laster

    Thanks for the follow-up and for redirecting the issue appropriately. 

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