Configure CloudBees CD Server logs time zone


Understanding what time zone is using CloudBees CD to generate the logs and how to change the time zone.



By default, CloudBees CD is using the CloudBees CD Server time zone to generate the logs.

We can check this information in the CloudBees CD Server logs when starting the server, under the property user.timezone= in the file:

  • Linux Systems:
  • From CD Server 10.1: /opt/cloudbees/sda/logs/commander.log
  • Versions previous to CD Server 10.1: /opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/logs/commander.log
  • Windows Systems:
  • From CD Server 10.1: C:\ProgramData\CloudBees\Software Delivery Automation\logs\commander.log
  • Versions previous to CD Server 10.1: C:\ProgramData\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\logs\commander.log

In case you want to change this time zone, you can modify this by adding in the <DATA_DIR>/conf/wrapper.conf file the entry:"desiredTimeZone"

being nnn a unique number in the wrapper.conf file, for example"America/Chicago"

The List of TZ Database Time Zones documentation on Wikipedia contains further information on the different Timezones that can be set.

To start logging with the new time zone, the commanderServer service needs to be restarted.

Please, note when generating a getJobDetails API call, the output will be exported in UTC/GMT time zone and you can identify it easily as it has a “Z” at the end i.e zulu time.

For example:


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