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[CloudBees CI] JENKINS-56109: Change Jenkins configuration UI from tables to divs



  • Steven Christenson

    IMHO Beekeeper should be reporting the incompatibilities that the supplied groovy script above does. Then beekeeper could be regularly updated with known issues like this.

    Also it's not clear what "INCOMPATIBLE" means here.  For example, the "Scriptler" incompatibility doesn't appear to affect the ability to use Scriptler to run or edit saved scripts.  Our saved "list plugins" script is the only tool available that accurately and completely lists the status, ids and names of all plugins unlike the plugin manager which does not show plugin ids, for example - or the list-plugins/list-plugins-v2 cli commands which don't report the plugin status (e.g. disabled, not loaded, failed).


  • Steven Christenson

    By the way, the above script doesn't consider whether a plugin is disabled before reporting that it should be removed.  E.g. I have disabled scriptler, but it doesn't distinguish between disabled and active plugins. In theory disabled plugins should cause no harm, yes?


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