[CloudBees CI] jQuery 3.5.x Upgrade


As of the 2021 March release for Jenkins LTS and CloudBees CI jQuery will be updated to secure version 3.5.x.

Why is this Important?

Some custom plugins and possibly custom jobs directly utilizing jQuery may not function after this update.

What would an error look like?

We don’t expect plugin to be affected on the CloudBees CI UI as jQuery changes are self-contained within each plugin.

If a custom or 3rd tier plugin is reliant on an incompatible version of jQuery then certain elements on the UI may no longer work as expected post update. Usually but not exclusively, this will affect dynamic behaviors such as resizing and background updating of specific UI elements.

There may be failures in test environments if UI tests are using jsdom or older versions of HtmlUnit and will need to be udpated to use compatible versions for jQuery 3.5.x.



All CloudBees and CAP plugin have been updated to be compatible with and only use the secure version of jQuery that Jenkins is being updated to use, 3.5.x.

To ensure these plugins are updated as needed to be on the updated jQuery version please be sure to enable CAP/Beekeeper and allow for automatic plugin updates on restart prior to updating your CloudBees CI version as explained in the documentation linked here.

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