How to enable proxy compatibility on controllers when it is enforced from the operations center?


When trying to enable proxy compatibility on a controller, you notice you cannot enable it because this setting is being enforced by the operations center.



Enable proxy compatibility globally

The best approach in case of proxy compatibility issues would be enabling the Proxy compatibility on the operations center, as it is going to be enforced on the controllers.

Disable proxy compatibility enforcement

If you prefer not enabling this setting to all the controllers or the operations center, you can allow each controller to define the proxy compatibility for themselves.

In order to allow controllers to configure their proxy compatibility settings you should go on the operations center to Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security > Client Master Security > Policy and uncheck Enforce Cross Site Request Forgery exploits prevention settings.

After that, you can go to each controller where you need to enable the proxy compatibility and do it by going to Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security > CSRF Protection and check Enable proxy compatibility.

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