Redirection issue with Openshift when using https


When using https on a CloudBees CI instance running on Openshift, I observe redirection issues.
For instance, when setting up authentication with Google Auth or Saml, the authentication fails because there is a mismatch in the redirect URL between the authentication system and CloudBees CI.



The issue is due to the helm chart not properly populating the Jenkins URL when using OperationsCenter.Route.tls.Enable: true.
As a result, CloudBees CI thinks that it’s URL is using http.
This will trigger a monitor.
A fix has been developed and released in CloudBees CI version (chart version 3.24.1+80dadc174346).


You can force the protocol manually from the helm release values.yaml.

  • set the OperationsCenter.Protocol key to https, for instance by running helm upgrade --reuse-values --set OperationsCenter.Protocol=https --version ${CHART_VERSION} ${RELEASE_NAME} cloudbees/cloudbees-core.
  • force the update of the URL by restarting the Operations Center.

Tested product/plugin versions

Related Issue(s)

  • CPLT2-6879

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