KBEC-00462 - Pipeline Stuck Between Stages


Pipeline appears as running. One or more stages have started and completed but the pipeline gets stuck at another stage which shows Not run yet.... Tried restarting the exit gate task of the completed stage but the problem persists.


This issue applies to:

  • CloudBees CD Server 9.2 or earlier versions

Additional evidence

In the commander.log, you can see the error Invalid session in message similar to the one below:

2019-11-07T10:15:06.168 | coreserver-1 | WARN  | messageTrigger                 | 16288713 |                                      | messageTrigger new message#c2ddd555-0179-11ea-aabb-0050569cf667             | MessageServiceImpl             | Invalid session in message[id=c2ddd555-0179-11ea-aabb-0050569cf667,method=runFlowStateTask,sessionId=c2cce564-0179-11ea-aabb-0050569cf667,entityReference=flowRuntime[id=f3fbf364-e90e-11e9-b3b7-0050569cd556],nodeAddress=349273bf-da35-212d-0abc-e0a169446d79,autoComplete,processed]


If you are running CloudBees Flow 9.2 or older, there is a bug which has been addressed in CloudBees CD 10.0.1. Please upgrade CD to a newer version to resolve the issue.


Restarting the pipeline would also fix the issue.

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