Helm install / upgrade of CloudBees CI fails due to Persistence.StorageClass value


  • I tried to install / update CloudBees CI using Helm and the command failed with an error like the following:
Error: template: cloudbees-core/templates/cjoc-statefulset.yaml:137:20: executing "cloudbees-core/templates/cjoc-statefulset.yaml" at <include "persistence.storageclass" .>: error calling include: template: cloudbees-core/templates/_helpers.tpl:313:7: executing "persistence.storageclass" at <(.Values.Persistence.StorageClass) and (ne "-" .Values.Persistence.StorageClass)>: can't give argument to non-function .Values.Persistence.StorageClass


Related Issues

  • CPLT2-6638: Syntax error is making the chart fail with recent helms
  • helm/charts #7711: Issue with go 1.14.0, Helm, 3.1.1


A syntax issue in the CloudBees Core helm chart prior to version 3.15.0 prevent helm templates to be rendered when using a version of helm compiled with go 1.14.


Upgrade / Install CloudBees CI to version 3.15.0 or later.

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