Uninstall Deprecated CloudBees Enterprise Plugins


Certain CloudBees plugins are now deprecated and will no longer be receiving updates or fixes. They have also caused warning messages in the logs.



Uninstall the following plugins:

  • CloudBees Wasted Minutes Tracker Plugin: cloudbees-wasted-minutes-tracker
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Plugin: cloudbees-enterprise-plugins
  • CloudBees Credentials: cloudbees-credentials
  • CloudBees Registration Plugin: cloudbees-registration
  • CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins (one-time tidy-up): cloudbees-plugin-gateway
  • CloudBees Azure CLI: azure-cli

Tested product/plugin versions

  • CloudBees Wasted Minutes Tracker Plugin <= v3.8
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Plugin <= v15.05.1
  • CloudBees Credentials <= v3.3
  • CloudBees Registration Plugin <= v3.15
  • CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins (one-time tidy-up) <= v7.0


CloudBees Wasted Minutes Tracker Plugin
CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Plugin
CloudBees Credentials
CloudBees Registration Plugin
CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins (one-time tidy-up)
CloudBees Azure CLI plugin

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