CloudBees Build Acceleration™ 2020.10 is now available


We are pleased to announce the general availability of our October 2020 Preview Release (PR): CloudBees Build Acceleration 2020.10.00. Please see our earlier announcement about our Accelerator Release Strategy update and our plan to accelerate the delivery of new content through Preview Releases.

Cloudbees Build Acceleration v2020.10 PR introduces a major overhaul of the Build Details page in the Cluster Manager, as well as performance, compatibility and configuration improvements.


Redesigned and expanded Build Details

This release includes a redesigned and expanded Build Details page in the Cluster Manager, enabling users and administrators to easily access the most critical performance data for builds from any system that can access the Cluster Manager web interface, even if the annotation file for the build is not accessible.


Simplified security configuration

Agent security configuration can now be specified during installation, or after installation using ecconfig.  Security settings will be preserved across upgrades.


Automatic output directory creation

This release adds a new command-line option for emake, --emake-create-output-dirs.  When enabled, this will cause emake to automatically and efficiently create output directories for targets when running in GNU make emulation modes.


Build signatures and totality

This release adds “build signatures”, a hash computed from the serial ordered list of output targets in the build.  This value can be used to identify builds that are structurally the same, meaning they are building the same project, even if invoked by different users or with modified sources.  This release also adds a new “totality” metric, which is the percentage of jobs that were not up-to-date in the build.  This provides an easy way to distinguish full builds from incremental builds.



Download instructions

Download Cloudbees Build Acceleration 2020.10.00 from the CloudBees Sharefile site:

Installers are located in the directory corresponding to the operating system (for example, windows). Release notes and product documentation are available online at CloudBees Build Acceleration Documentation.


Supported configurations

See CloudBees Build Acceleration Supported Platforms for a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.



CloudBees recommends that customers moving to the Preview Release upgrade all of their Accelerator components to version 2020.10.00. This includes the Cluster Manager, cluster nodes (agent machines), and all local eMake build machines. See the CloudBees Build Acceleration Preview Version Upgrade Guide for complete upgrade instructions.


Customers using perpetual licenses can go to the CloudBees technical support site at and submit a support request for a test license to try out the Preview Version.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release by going to the CloudBees technical support site at and submitting a support request.  Improvement requests can be filed at .

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