KBEC-00459 - Restore Historical Data in Commit and Build Dashboards


You need to clear out history so your schedule runs pick up earlier data to display on your Commit and Build Dashboards.


  1. Open the Platform page
  2. Select “Search”
  3. Search for all schedules
  4. Look for ones that have “commit” or “build” in the procedure names
  5. Open the schedule. Scroll down to the properties and delete the property sheet “ecreport_data_tracker”
  6. Navigate to the schedule’s project page
  7. Go to the project’s properties
  8. Click on the “ecreport_data_tracker” property sheet
  9. Delete the corresponding properties
    • The properties should have the name format “ECSCM-Git-<repo_name>-code_commit”
  10. Go back to the list of schedules and run the procedures they point to

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