Default update site connectivity check failed


Your controller (formerly known as master) is failing to start with the error message in the web UI:

Default update site connectivity check failed with fatal error: Cannot check connection status of the update site with ID='cje-offline'. This update center cannot be resolved. If you see this issue for the custom Jenkins WAR bundle, consider setting the correct value of the hudson.model.UpdateCenter.defaultUpdateSiteId system property (requires Jenkins restart). Otherwise please create a bug in Jenkins JIRA.

In the log, you may see:

2020-09-05 22:50:38.738+0000 [id=62]    WARNING hudson.license.LicenseManager#<init>: Failed to read the existing license
ERROR: Subscription has expired <a href='#' class='showDetails'>(show details)</a><pre style='display:none'> NotAfter: Sun Jun 28 11:33:39 EDT 2020



If you encounter this issue, please open a support ticket and attach a support bundle, and your $JENKINS_HOME/cb-envelope file, so we can inspect the cause.


To work around this issue, stop your controller, and move the $JENKINS_HOME/cb-envelope to a backup file:

mv $JENKINS_HOME/cb-envelope $JENKINS_HOME/cb-envelope.bak

Then start the controller again (this file will be regenerated upon startup).

Tested product/plugin versions

CloudBees Jenkins Platform - controller

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    Naga Swarna

    This workaround is not working for me. the error message kept on coming back

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