KBEC-00456 - Required data: CD job stuck in starting state


You have a CloudBees CD (Flow) job that stays in Starting status longer than expected, and you would like to open a support ticket to get help.



The required data to attach to your support ticket for this situation is:

  1. Symptoms - Screen shots of what you see in the UI, and/or Copy/paste of message you see in the UI
  2. Time range - Approximate time range when this issue was observed, including the time zone
  3. Logs - the commander.log from that timeframe
  4. JobID and job details report - Output of ectool getJobDetails jobID > jobDetails.xml
  5. Agent Name - If this involves a specific agent, the agent name and the respective jagent.log and agent.log for that time range
  6. Steps to reproduce - If possible, please give us a detailed account of where and when you see errors
  7. Cluster name - If you have multiple CloudBees CD clusters, please let us know which cluster this issue is happening in

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