Global Artifactory Server credentials configuration lost after upgrading from version 3.4.1


  • After upgrading the artifactory plugin from 3.4.1 or earlier to a version earlier than 3.7.2, the global Artifactory server credentials configuration under Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Artifactory is lost.


Related Issues

  • artifactory #299: Global Artifactory Server configuration lost when upgrading from 3.4.1


In version 3.5.0 of the Artifactory plugin, a credential converter was introduced to provide backward compatibility with recent changes made to the type of stored credentials in the Artifactory Server configuration. However a bug in this converter causes the credentials configuration to not be readable anymore by Jenkins when the component is loaded, and report the problem in Manage Jenkins > Manage Old Data.

When in that state, **if an administrator saves the Jenkins global configuration the erroneous artifactory server configuration will be persisted, which could cause builds relying on this configuration to fail.

See the full details in [artifactory #299](


To resolve this problem:

  • Keep a backup of the current $JENKINS_HOME/org.jfrog.hudson.ArtifactoryBuilder.xml
  • Restore the file $JENKINS_HOME/org.jfrog.hudson.ArtifactoryBuilder.xml from a backup
  • Upgrade Artifactory to version 3.7.2 or later

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