Checkpoint restart icons disappeared from Pipeline Stage View


  • After upgrading CloudBees CI to, the checkpoint icon disappeared from the Pipeline Stage View

  • The Jenkins logs show the following log when user looks at a Pipeline Stage View

    WARNING o.k.s.f.adjunct.AdjunctsInPage#findNeeded: No such adjunct found: com.cloudbees.pipeline.stageview
    org.kohsuke.stapler.framework.adjunct.NoSuchAdjunctException: Neither com.cloudbees.pipeline.stageview.css, .js, .html, nor .jelly were found


Related Issues

  • NGPIPELINE-626: No such adjunct found: com.cloudbees.pipeline.stageview


This issue have been fixed in version 2.3 of the CloudBees Pipeline Stage View that is included in CloudBees CI release since version

The recommended solution is to upgrade CloudBees CI to version or later.

Note: In a controller with heavy load, the frequency of those WARNINGS can be detrimental to the Jenkins controller performance.

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