Renaming Managed controller in CloudBees CI


How do I rename a Managed controller in CloudBees CI.
I have tried to rename one of the master but domain is still indicating old name.



There is currently no support in CloudBees CI for renaming managed controllers. While the Domain and Display Name can be changed under JENKINS_URL/cjoc/job/MASTER_NAME/configure they do not result in the renaming of the managed controller.

  • Setting the Display Name only changes the name of the master in the UI. The domain will still point to the old path.
  • Changing the Domain points the persistent volume of the master to one with the new name. If a persistent volume with the new name does not exist a new
    volume is created. This has the same effect as provisioning a new master.
  • If you mistakenly change the domain and lost the configuration, reverting back to old name will point master back to the old Persistent Volume and restore the configuration.


Current work around is to create a new master and restore it using a backup from the existing master.

  • Backup current master following this guide Backup and restore.
  • Create a new master.
  • Restore newly created master from backup taken from old master. Following documentation Backup and Restore on kubernetes provides some details on how to restore backup in kubernetes.

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