Master Ingress/Service are sometimes missing after a Restart


  • After restarting a Managed master / Team master from Operations center:
  • the master is not reachable anymore with either a 404 or a 503
  • the master Service and/or Ingress is missing


Related Issues

  • CPLT2-6520: Master restart logic can lead to missing Ingress/Service


Until version of CloudBees CI, the restart logic of Managed Masters sends the order to recreate the master resources without waiting for their deletion. There is a slight chance that some of the master resources be deleted after they have been recreated. In most cases, the Service or the Ingress would be missing, causing the master to be unreachable.

  • If the master Ingress is missing, the master URL responds with a 404.
  • If the master Service is missing, the master URL responds with a 503.

This is caused by a bug in the Master Provisioning Plugin.



The issue has been fixed in Master Provisioning plugin version 2.5.3 and is available in the July release of CloudBees CI.

The solution is to upgrade to CloudBees CI


  • Stop the Master from Operations Center
  • Wait for resources to be deleted (a couple of seconds)
  • Start the Master from Operations Center

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