Cloudbees Flow® discontinued support for EC-Reports


In the 10.0 LTS release of CloudBees Flow, we will discontinue support for generating reports using the EC-Reports plugin, based on the BIRT reporting engine.   



As part of this action, the EC-ReportEngine and EC-Reports plugins used for generating BIRT reports will both be deprecated.  

  • The plugins will no longer be bundled in installations at or after v10.0 
  • Previous calls to these plugins will be replaced with a no-op
  • The ‘Reports’ pane will be removed from the Platform Homepage.
  • Reports generated on previous versions of CloudBees Flow will still be available through the Job details pages, and “Reports” sub-tab within a project.


DevOps Insight is the reporting and dashboard framework in CloudBees Flow.  DevOps Insight provides several out-of-the-box dashboards and report templates to visualize data across CI and CD, from code commit to deployments.  You can also create custom reports and dashboards to visualize your own custom data. If there are any reports that you relied on from the BIRT reporting engine that you don't see an equivalent way to create using DevOps Insight, please file an RFE in our Feedback system for possible updates in the future.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release by going to the CloudBees technical support site at and submitting a support request. Improvement requests can be filed at .

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