License screen or license errors appear after June, 22nd 2020

Issue Summary

On June 22nd, 2020, the certificate used to sign all existing CloudBees licenses for Jenkins-based products expires. This certificate is used to verify the authenticity of the customer’s CloudBees license.

Customers must install a new license (generated with the new certificate) before June 22, 2020. Existing licenses will become invalid as of June 22, 2020.

For any licenses that are not updated prior to June 23rd, 2020, any of the following will occur:

  • The licensing screen will appear:
Figure 1. CloudBees Jenkins-based Product Licensing Screen
  • Alternatively, you may begin to see alerts related to the inability to issue sub-licenses (Figure 2a ) or a banner in the footer warning you that your license has unexpectedly expires (Figure 2b):
Figure 2a. Unable to issue sublicenses alert
Figure 2b. CloudBees Expired License Alert

This situation can also happen if you are setting up a ‘test’ or ‘dev’ controller running an older version that was released before the license plugin was updated (if you are preparing a test environment to test an upgrade before you do a production upgrade, as part of our Assisted Update program).

This issue applies to the following CloudBees products:

  • CloudBees Core on traditional platforms
  • CloudBees Core on modern cloud platforms
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform
  • CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

Action Required

You must update the cloudbees-license plugin to a version that supports the new certificate, and then apply the new license.

The type of error that you are receiving determines what action you need to take:

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