KBEC-00442 - Connection timed out: no further information connecting to Agent


When pinging or connecting to Flow agent you are running into errors in the commander.log:

ping-agentResource:7800 | NIOResponseCallback | failed: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information

  "responses" : [ {
    "resource" : {
      "resourceName" : "AgentResourceName",
      "agentState" : {
        "alive" : "0",
        "details" : "The agent machine refused the connection: Connection timed out: no further information",  
        "message" : "Connection timed out: no further information",
        "state" : "down",
        "time" : "2020-03-30T16:16:25.990Z"
Verify Agent listening Port:

We can validate the listening port for the affected agent in Flow -> Resources, look for the affected agent and select it, in the detail page you can check the agent port:


The Flow server needs visibility in all the agents in the agent port (port 7800 in default installation), but the Flow server can´t connect to the listening port in the affected agent.


The affected agent has a higher version than the Flow server.


Validate your agent computer is running and executing the Commander agent service as explained in Starting the Cloudbees Flow agent service.

Validate with your IT Team there is connection from the Flow server to the affected agent in the agent port (port 7800 in default installation, as per KBEC-00041 - ElectricFlow TCP port usage - diagram and descriptions).

If the connection to your agent is done through proxy you can find more details in Flow: Environment Proxy Server Configuration

If your IT Team has validated there are no connectivity issues between the Flow server and the agent in the agent port (port 7800 in default installation) but you still suffering the issue, you will need to check that the Flow version installed in the agent is not higher than the Flow server version:

For getting the Flow installed version in the server or agent you can execute:

ecconfigure --version

An agent version higher than the server version can lead to this issue. For fixing that, uninstall your Flow agent and install the Flow agent version that matches your Flow Server version.

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