KBEC-00440 - How to display Deployments by Month in DevOps Insight Dashboard?

To show the number of deployments grouped by month, we will need a deployment report as a pre-requisite. The report should contain the statistics we are looking for, e.g. deployments by month.

Tips: You can use the built-in report titled DeploymentsFrequency as a basis and change the interval and format to the following:

"interval": "month",

"format": "yyyy-MMM",

The report will look like this:


With the report ready to use, we can start creating a gadget:

  1. Go to DevOps Insight Dashboard

  2. Go to Dashboard Editor

  3. Create a new gadget and provide a name, e.g. deployment by month.

  4. Click “Define”, fill out the widget name and title.

  5. Under the “Definition” tab, choose the report mentioned above.

  6. Under Visualization, choose Vertical Bar Chart or Horizontal Bar Chart.

Example chart settings:

X-Axis: Deployment_date (as yyyy-MMM)

Display X-Axis as: String

X-Axis Lable: Deployment_date (as yyyy-MMM)

Y-Axis: Deployment_date Count

Display Y-Axis as: Number


Click OK and your gadget is ready!


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