How to specify a different namespace for a Team Master


It is not currently possible to set a specific namespace in a Team Master recipe.



While the current Team Recipe does not allow the namespace to be chosen, there is a way to select the namespace after the Team Master creation.

1. Create a Team Master if it does not already exist.
It will be provisioned in the default namespace used by the Operation Center.

2. Stop the team master by going to <cjoc_url>/job/Teams/job/<team_master_name>/manage:

3. Create a new Kubernetes Endpoint pointing to the namespace you wish to use as indicated in this section of our documentation.

4. Change the configuration of your Team Master to point to your newly created endpoint.
Browse <cjoc_url>/job/Teams/job/<team_master_name>/configure and change the endpoint:

5. Restart the Team Master.

Tested product/plugin versions

CloudBees Core on modern cloud platforms - Operations Center -

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