How can I abort a running Pipeline build if a new one is started?


You have a Pipeline or Pipeline Multibranch job, and you want the running job to be aborted automatically if a new run is started. This can be useful if a new commit is made to the same branch of a project, and therefore you have no need to continue building the previous commit.



The best way to accomplish this is through some simple scripted Pipeline at the start of your Jenkinsfile:

def buildNumber = env.BUILD_NUMBER as int
if (buildNumber > 1) milestone(buildNumber - 1)

The outcome of this is that build #1 will create milestone1 in the project. While build #1 is running, if build #2 is started, it will create milestone1 and milestone2 in the project. Build #2 will immediately pass milestone1 and will therefore cause Build #1 to abort.

JENKINS-43353 tracks a feature request to make this a core feature of Pipeline, but the above workaround is the most efficient solution available currently.


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