Reinstall a CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution cluster


  • We deployed a CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution cluster, we want to destroy it and install it again (re install).
  • Something went wrong during the installation of the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution cluster and I wanto to repeat the process.




1. Select the context of the jx cluster (jx context) you wish to delete

> jx context
? Change Kubernetes context: gke_cjxd-v2_europe-west3-c_support-cjxd-v2
Now using namespace 'jx' from context named 'gke_my-project_europe-example_jx-cluster-example' on server ''.

2. Unistall all the componentes of the selected jx cluster (jx uninstall).

Note: the only component app is not deleted is vault (which keeps the secrets)

> jx uninstall
? Uninstall JX - this command will remove all JX components and delete all namespaces created by Jenkins X. Do you wish to continue? Yes

? Enter the current context name to confirm uninstallation of the Jenkins X platform from the jx namespace: gke_my-project_europe-example_jx-cluster-example
Removing installation of Jenkins X in team namespace jx
service "deck" deleted
service "heapster" deleted
Jenkins X has been successfully uninstalled from team namespace jx

3. On the SCM side (GitHub in this case), delete all the repositories for every environment created for the cluster(usually: dev, staging and production)

4. Wipe out all the contents from ~/.jx (files and folders)

Note: This step needs to be done any time you wish to deploy a new cluster from the same workstation, specially if they are coming from different versions of jx cli.

5. Install a new CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution cluster

Tested product/plugin versions

NAME               VERSION
jx                 2.0.643
Kubernetes cluster v1.12.8-gke.10
kubectl            v1.15.0
git                2.7.4
Operating System   Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

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