KBEC-00076 - Changing Commander Server to Agent communication protocol


By default, communication between the Commander Server and Agent is secure. On internal networks, you can turn off the overhead for security.


Use the following steps:

  1. For ElectricCommander pre-4.2 releases, in ElectricCommander files on agent machines, change the agent configuration located in the agent.conf file within the Commander conf directory. As distributed, the agent, by default is configured for HTTPS.
    Here is the text from the file:

    # Protocol of communication between the Agent and ElectricCommander server.
    # Valid values are http and https.  Defaults to https.

    From ElectricCommander/ElectricFlow 4.2 onwards, please run the following command directly.

    ecconfigure --agentProtocol=http
  2. Restart the agent. On Linux, use the script “ecmdrAgent restart” in /etc/init.d. On Windows, use the Control Panel > Services tab to restart the “ElectricCommander Agent”.

  3. Log in to the Commander web page, go to the Adminstrator tab > Resources subtab, edit the resource setting in the field “Use HTTPS” to correspond to the agent setting. After saving the resource configuration, the agent is pinged to confirm the setup of both the server and agent.


Passwords are passed to the Commander server in clear text. For example, if you are on the agent and use ectool to log in to Commander, your password will be unencrypted in the server/agent packages.

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