KBEA-Error Code EC1021

EC1021: Local mode does not support setting an annotation file name.


emake displays this error message if it is invoked in local mode , but the --emake-annofile command-line option is set.


When running a build locally, without the use of Accelerator agents, emake is not able to write annotation to a named file. Instead, annotation is written to the standard output stream of the emake process.


The user has specified --emake-annofile when invoking emake in local mode (ie, emake is not using Accelerator agents). This error most commonly occurs when the user has forgotten to specify a cluster manager when invoking emake, with either the EMAKE_CM environment variable or the --emake-cm command-line option.


If you intended to invoke emake in local mode, you must remove the --emake-annofile option from the command-line. If you wish to capture the annotation to a file, you can use the standard I/O redirection facilities on your platform to do so. For example, on Linux you can use

emake --emake-annodetail=basic **\> emake.xml**

If you did not intend to invoke emake in local mode, ensure that you have specified a cluster manager for emake to use, either by setting the EMAKE_CM environment variable, or by adding the{{–emake-cm}} option to your emake command-line.

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