KBEC-00181 - Creating a mirror or custom plugin catalog


Adding and maintaining plugins is easy if you have internet access. The Plugin Manager provides point-and-click plugin usage.

What if:

  1. Your Flow Server does not have internet access.
  2. You want to have a restrictive or expanded catalog for your Flow Server site.


Use the Flow Web Server to host the plugin catalog.

On the existing Flow Web Server do the following:

  1. Create a directory “catalog” accessible by the Flow Web Server.
  2. From a machine that has internet access, use a web browser to go to http://plugins.electric-cloud.com/catalog/browse.php:
    1. Download each plugin
    2. Save the plugin package to the Web Server catalog
  3. Have the plugin manager point to a local plugin catalog:
    1. Go to Administration > Plugins.
    2. Select the “EC Plugin Manager” link.
    3. Go to the Properties tab.
    4. Modify the ‘catalogUrl’ property, specifying a URL to a directory accessible on the internal network.


Web Server setup

To use the existing Apache server that ships with ElectricFlow to store the local plugin catalog:

  1. Create the directory “/apache/htdocs/catalog”
  2. Using a web browser, save the online catalog file http://plugins.electric-cloud.com/catalog/catalog.xml to /apache/htdocs/catalog
  3. Edit the local version of catalog.xml, replacing all instances of ‘plugins.electric-cloud.com’ with the hostname of the Flow server.
  4. Change ‘catalog’Url’ to http:///catalog/catalog.xml, where ‘WebServerHost’ is the name of your Flow server host.

Single Plugin update

To host the specialty plugin EC-CSH locally on the existing Web Server:

  1. From a machine that has internet access, go to http://plugins.electric-cloud.com/catalog/browse.php
  2. Save the EC-CSH package (a jar file) to /apache/htdocs/catalog

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