KBEC-00348 - Accessing the built-in database


This article describes how to directly access the built-in database.

Please note that the performance and reliability of the built-in database is very limited, and it is especially prone to failure if the amount of data is large. We do not recommend using the built-in database in production or heavily used test environments.


5.x and up

1. Shut down the ElectricFlow server. The database must be disconnected from the Flow server while you connect to it, or you will run into this error:
 Database lock acquisition failure: lockFile

2. Launch HSQL Database Manager, located at this path:


3. Use the following connection configuration to connect to the database.

    driver: HSQLDB Database Engine In-Memory
    driver: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    URL: jdbc:hsqldb:/commander
    User: sa
    Password: sa

4. Connect to the database. You can now directly view tables and run SQL statements on the database through the interface.



1. Stop ElectricCommander. If it's still running, the databse lock will prevent you from accessing it.

2. Go to to the Commander installation directory and start the database web UI console:

 jre/bin/java -jar server/lib/h2.jar -web -webAllowOthers

     Options used:

      -web: launch the database's web UI console

      -webAllowOthers: allow access to the database's web UI console from remote hosts

3. Type http://:8082 in the browser address bar to access the built-in database's web UI console.

4. Use the following parameters when asked to log in:

    Driver class: org.h2.Driver
    JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:builtin/commander
    Login: sa
    pwd: sa

5. Click Connect. The interface that appears in your browser allows you to look at the tables and/or create SQL statements.

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