KBEC-00352 - Configuring Stomp for Preflight and EC-FileOps file transfers


Preflight and the EC-FileOps plugin uses Stomp to perform file transfers to and from the ElectricFlow server. If your file transfer steps run for an excessively long time without getting responses, or are running into “file not found” errors on retrieval from server, it is likely because Stomp communications are not configured correctly.


  • Make sure the Stomp port, by default 61613, is opened on the Flow server. This port must be opened bi-directionally If you want to transfer files both to and from the server.
  • Under the Administration -> Server -> Server Settings page, fill in “Server IP address” with the correct server IP address. If left blank, the server will try to calculate a default address to use. This may not end up being the correct value in all setups, and can lead to Stomp requests being directed to the wrong location.
  • Provide “Stomp Client URI” in Server Settings. Similar to Server IP address, if left blank the server will try to calculate a default value, which sometimes does not resolve to the correct location.
  • NOTE: If you have any gateways configured in your environment to communicate with remote hosts, these gateway servers would also need to have port 61613 opened in both directions as well.

HA Clustered Setup

  • Make sure your load balancer is configured to forward traffic on the Stomp port to the Flow server
  • The load balancer cannot be set up as an SSL endpoint if you have “Use SSL for Stomp” selected in Flow server settings. You can either:
    • Select “Use SSL for Stomp,” and configure SSL passthrough for traffic to Stomp port on the LB
    • Deselect “Use SSL for Stomp,” and configure SSL endpoint for traffic to Stomp port on the LB

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