KBEA-00114 - Why do I get "The command XXX' produced X bytes of output text. This may indicate an error..."?


The build log contains this:

*** The command:


*** XXX


*** produced X bytes of output text.  This may indicate an error

*** in the command invocation.  The first 5000 bytes are included here

*** for analysis.  If you believe this message has been reached in

*** error, please contact your system administrator.

What does this mean and what can I do about it?


In order to protect against “runaway” jobs running on the cluster, the agent checks the amount of output text produced by a job. If the amount of output exceeds a threshold, then the agent only sends back a portion of the output and dumps the remainder. This prevents the product from consuming too many resources in the agent, on the network, and in eMake to store and transmit what is likely bogus output.

Note that this feature relates only to the amount of standard output text produced by a job and is not related to the size of any files produced by the job. Also, this feature does not in any way affect the running of the job, only the amount of output text that is included in the log file, so these “errors” are not errors at all - they are only warnings to notify the user that there may be a problem with the job. If you know there is nothing wrong with the job, then you can safely ignore the warnings.

Alternatively, you can change the threshold at which this feature kicks in and the amount of output text returned. To make such a change temporarily, run cmtool as follows:

cmtool --cm= login  

cmtool --cm= runAgentCmd "session exec settruncationparams  "

where is the number of bytes at which this feature will kick in, and is the number of bytes to return once this feature has kicked in. The default threshold is 5,000,000 bytes, and the default length is 5,000 bytes.

You can also add the following invocation to the runagent.local file to make it permanent:

set TruncationThreshold 

set TruncationLength 

Otherwise the setting will revert when the agent software restarts. You can check the result using the following after restarting the Agents:

cmtool --cm= runAgentCmd "session exec truncationparam"

Applies to

  • Product versions: All
  • OS versions: All

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