KBEC-00381 - Disable Change Tracking on imported projects (XML)


This article describes how to disable Change Tracking [Feature released in 5.3] on XML imported projects to improve system performance. 

Note: The information in this KB article ONLY applies to imported/exported XML files.

For more information on Change Tracking, please consult the ElectricFlow documentation.


Version 6.0 and up

Run the ectool export command with the disableProjectTracking flag set to 1

ectool export /path/to/file.xml –-disableProjectTracking 1 –-path /projects/projectName

This will create an XML file of the project with CT disabled.

Older versions

When importing projects from an older version of ElectricCommander, CT is enabled by default.

In versions 5.x and older of ElectricCommander, the disableProjectTracking flag is not available. If you wish to import an XML from an older version of ElectricCommander to ElectricFlow v6.0+ with CT disabled, use the following steps:

  1. Export an XML file from ElectricCommander.
    • ectool export /path/to/file.xml –-path /projects/projectName
  2. Open the XML export file in a text editor.
  3. Under , find the first occurrence of the lines
  4. Insert the line
    • 0

Between and like this:

Run the ectool export command with the disableProjectTracking flag set to 1

Hello Project


5.  Save the edited XML file.

6. Import the edited XML file.

ectool import /path/to/file.xml

By adding this line, CT will be disabled when importing the file to ElectricFlow v6.0+. If this line is absent, then CT will automatically be enabled.


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